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Community Interest in the Nikwasi Mound Cultural District Project

Really fantastic to see the inspiration in our community from a simple visit to the Museum of the Cherokee People and a great opportunity to continue the growth of support for Nikwasi Initiative projects.

We came across this post and discussion in the What's Happening in Franklin group on Facebook and thought to share more broadly in the spirit of continuing our mission and progress on our key initiatives.

Starting with a recent visit to the Museum of the Cherokee People, this member of the community and resident of Franklin reflected on what they learned. Interested in the Nikwasi Mound, as a point of interest and representation of Cherokee history here in Franklin, wondered what more could be done.

Similarities were drawn to similar site elsewhere in the country, specifically the Indian Temple Mound Museum in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

Other community members shard their perspectives and understanding of the current state of the Nikwasi Mound and the proposed Cultural District Plan, a key project of the Nikwasi Initiative. Certainly, more can be done and greater community support will be a major driver of progress.

The lively dialog among residents of the community is a very positive part of the process and we strive to continue finding support and individuals interested in helping.

Anyone interested in supporting these projects or having ideas to share with us, feel free to contact us to chat.


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